Why is the website called Bucquistador?

Conquistadors were Spanish adventurers that conquered land and sea. We want you to conquer your bucket list, so...
Bucket List + Conquistador = Bucquistador
Math is fun. Plus, how often do you get to use the letter Q?

What can I do as a Bucquistador?

As a Bucquistador you can: manage your bucket list, share your goals with your friends, find new people to have adventures with, raise money to fund your adventures, help friends achieve their dreams, schedule an event to complete a bucket item, or fund a group vacation to Vegas without the hassle of fronting the money for all of your buddies.  The possibilities go on and on!

How much does it cost to create a funding campaign or pool?

A fundraiser is free to create, but we charge a 4% fee on the amount that you raise. That fee includes the costs that Bucquistador incurs to provide this service.

How do Bucquistador fundraising campaigns work?

Bucquistador campaigns allow you to raise money from your friends and family for any goal that you can dream up. Say you'd like to take a trip to Africa, and you think it's going to cost $3,000. You can create a campaign for that goal, and your loved ones can all donate whatever amount they can towards your trip. 

What happens if my fundraiser doesn't reach my target amount?

If you don't reach your target goal, we don't want you to give up on your dreams - you can still collect the money you raised. This leaves you the option to fund the remaining amount yourself, or to go to Africa for eight days instead of twelve.

How do pools/group fundraisers work?

A pool allows you to raise a fixed amount of money from each of your friends who want to participate in an activity with you. For instance, say you are planning a vacation in San Francisco with three of your friends, and the rental car that you all plan to share is going to cost $400 for the week. The funding pool will let you collect $100 from each of your friends so that you can rent the car. That way, you're not stuck fronting the full cost of the rental.

How does Bucquistador use my data?

At Bucquistador, we do not sell your personal information. We may, however, aggregate data in order to negotiate special deals for our users. For instance, if we see that there are 30 people in Charleston who want to go skydiving, we will try to find a skydiving company who is willing to offer group rates in the Charleston area. We will then provide the users an opportunity to access those deals on our website. So no spam emails about last minute vacations, no banner ads for useless products, and no vendors get your information unless you provide it to them.

What privacy settings are available?

At Bucquistador, we understand that you might not want to share everything on your bucket list. When you add an item to your list you can, specify that the item is private so that it's only visible to you, or you can share it with just your friends using the Mates Only setting. If it's something you want to share with the world, leave it public and everyone will be able to see it.

What is on everyone else’s bucket list?

If you are looking for recommendations on fun things to do, simply here to see all of the public bucket list items in our database. You can also see what the most popular bucket list items are by clicking on the Top 100. These links are also available on the top of your Bucket Items page.

My doubloons pages says I have raised a certain amount of funds, why is the amount that I received in my bank account different?

There is a 4% processing fee for fundraisers, whether you create a campiagn or a fundraising pool. The amount you receive in your bank account when you retrieve your funding will be the amount you raise minus the 4% processing fee. This fee is outlined in the site Terms of Service as well as the page on which you create each fundraiser. 

How do I post my Bucquistador accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter?

Bucquistador is now itegrated with Facebook and Twitter, to allow you to brag about your accomplishments with ease. Simply go to your Bucquistador Profile page and click "Connect w/Facebook" and "Connect w/Twitter".
With those connections, your Bucquistador account will create automated posts that help you brag anytime you:
- Create a new bucket list item
- Complete a bucket list item
- Schedule an event around one of your life goals
- Create a fundraising campaign to crowdfund one of your bucket list goals
- Complete a fundraiser

As an added bonus, you can now invite friends to Bucquistador through Facebook, when using a desktop device. Simply go to the Invite Mates page and type in the Facebook friends you would like to invite. Because the only thing better than rolling down a hill in a human hamsterball, is doing it with five of your closest friends.

Free Fundraising November 19, 2013 - December 31, 2013

Bucquistador is waiving its crowdfunding and group payment administration fee for all fundraisers completed on our website by the end of day December 31, 2013. Bucquistador already had some of the lowest fees for crowdfunding services, but now you can take home an additional 4% of funds raised by using our free fundraisers. There are no additional steps for you, just create a fundraiser (either a campaign or a pool) on your doubloons page https://bucquistador.com/doubloons.php and we will waive all of the Bucquistador fees when you complete the fundriaser by the end of the day December 13, 2013. 

Note: Bucquistador is waiving all of their fees for this promotion, which is 4% on group payment fundraisers (Pools) and 4% on crowdfunding Campaigns. As such you will receive the entire balance reflected on the fundraising summary displayed on the site. However, Balanced Payments, the credit card process will still be collecting fees on all credit card processing. As they are a third party processor that ensures the security and appropriateness of all our financial transactions, they will not be waiving their fees. Those fees are always charged to the persons making contributions to your fundraisers and are never deducted from the fundraiser's balance on our site. So, again the amount reflected on your summary screen is the amount availabe for withdrawal during this promotion with no additional fees charged for you.

How do I create a fundraising campaign or collect group payments?

Creating any kind of fundraiser, whether you are starting a crowdfunding CAMPAIGN or collecting group payments in a POOL, takes less than a minute. Simply go to your Doubloons page here and click the red buttons for either a campaign or pool. 

Campaigns - these are fundraisers that are viewable to your friends and the public (based on your privacy settings). With these crowdfunding campaigns anyone can contribute anything from $1 to $10000 toward your goals.

Pools - These are fixed amount fundraisers where each person that contributes must contribute the same amount. These are typically used for things like group vacations or ticket purchases.

Once you click on the type of fundraiser that you want to create, simple populate the fields:

Bucket item - title of your bucket list campaign (like start a photography studio)

Explain your goal - add a lot of detail so that your potential contributors know why they should donate

Amount - the amount you are trying to raise

Notify friends - this lets you send emails about the fundraiser to friends and family that have not yet signed up for Bucquistador

Invite friends - this is where you send the information to your Bucquistador registered friends

Invite all mates - this invites all of the friends you have listed on the Bucquistador website so you don't have to list them all out in the Invite friends field

Funds required per person - this is only for pools and this allows you to say how much each person must contribute (don't worry if they are paying for more than one person they can do that at the time of payment)

Then just click ADD and you have created a fundraiser.