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Quit my job
Go white water rafting
Wear a "LIFE" T-Shirt while handing out lemons

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Fundraiser: Raise 1 million dollars on 1 fundraiser   
User: lharrison237
Location: ,
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $1,000,000.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: Raise 1 million dollars for my sisters business.

Fundraiser: Pay off my Utilities Bills... Be my own Boss...
User: perryd43
Location: Indianapolis
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $7,500.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: Me 53/Wife 38/2 girls-9/10 years of age....We have no debt...no/credit cards/mortgage/cable/no cell contracts/no car...We wash clothes in cold water...We recycle dryer heat back into house...We don't throw water away....cold water is capture and put in washing machine...flush toilet when necessary...donít eat out...I donít buy anything unless I can pay for it in full.......you get the picture...... In short..We're in debt over utilities.....gas/lights/water.... We have cut back on everything....We have no car...we all have bicycles....we wash laundry w/dishwashing liquid..... and still we cannot catch up...My utilities have skyrocketed in the few short years.....Iím between jobs....whenever I hear myself say "Iím working just to pay utilities!" I canít believe this in what my life has come too....I want to rip down this old house and rebuild w/energy saving everything.....winds mill/solar/batteries/green techÖ I want to get 100% off the grid by building and selling said green tech homes and show others how to get off the grid...Iím working just to pay utilities......I canít believe it every time I say it...

Collect payments for group purchases

Fundraiser: Group Vacation to Greece
User: Katrina Miller
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Givers: 7
Amount per Person: $450.00
Funds Raised:
$3,150.00 of $4,500.00 / 70 %

Fundraiser Description: I found a house on the beach in Greece that sleeps ten people. For $450/person we can rent the house for 8 days and spend a week together in the sun, instead of shoveling snow.

Fundraiser: Whitewater Rafting Trip
User: Brody Shinsky
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Givers: 6
Amount per Person: $65.00
Funds Raised:
$390.00 of $585.00 / 67 %

Fundraiser Description: Let's finally go on the whitewater rafting trip that we have been talking about. If we book as a group the price drops to $65/person.

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