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Fundraiser: Disney for the kids                       
User: sofiya
Location: ,
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $5,000.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: Family with three children all wanting to visit Florida to go to Disney world. EXTREMELY expensive we were pretty close to reaching the money goal ourselves until we had out basement flood. Now we are shirt on the funds. Having our kids disappointed brakes our hearts and would love to surprise them and see their faces light up with excitment. We would greatly appreciate it if you could donate whatever it is you can. Thank you from our family.

Fundraiser: own a business doing reiki                
User: odanok
Location: inglewood,california
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $30,800.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: I love to help people, please help me to do it, want to open a business giving the treatment of Reiki. for soul,mind and body. God bless you.

Collect payments for group purchases

Fundraiser: Group Vacation to Greece
User: Katrina Miller
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Givers: 7
Amount per Person: $450.00
Funds Raised:
$3,150.00 of $4,500.00 / 70 %

Fundraiser Description: I found a house on the beach in Greece that sleeps ten people. For $450/person we can rent the house for 8 days and spend a week together in the sun, instead of shoveling snow.

Fundraiser: Whitewater Rafting Trip
User: Brody Shinsky
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Givers: 6
Amount per Person: $65.00
Funds Raised:
$390.00 of $585.00 / 67 %

Fundraiser Description: Let's finally go on the whitewater rafting trip that we have been talking about. If we book as a group the price drops to $65/person.

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