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Fundraiser: Spendlewell                               
User: yvon
Location: ,
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $5,000.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: Spendlewell is a space where you can allocate money to others with your votes, live (in real time). The money comes from Contributers (such as Advertisers and people like you) who agree to let you, the Voters. We want to raise some money to compete the work

Fundraiser: PLEASE Help us save our family house and my parents health
User: Niki
Location: ,
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $250.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: Dear people, This letter is to all who like to help. About 18 years ago my grandfather died at our old house where I grew up. Now I live here with my grandmother she is 88 years old, my father had a prostate cancer, so we spent most of savings for the treatments, he also has now a eyes glaucoma, he has doctors documents and I will send you if you ask me to see proof. My mother has bacteria eating flesh illness,.. last few years the illness is getting worse and she has no nose and upper lip is gone, her teeth are falling out,..her eyes are affected too, if we don’t get help soon she can go blind...please help. I have her picture and you can see her also. It is verry poor economy. They have small retirement we have only for food. There is a BIG problem that we have to pay to my aunt by law half of it after my grandmother dies. We don’t have the money and we have a big risk losing house, PLEASE HELP…ASAP The house is more than 85 years old and it needs renovating too. The roof is bad and old and is leaking on 4 places… and now winter is coming lots of rain and snow… We have given up and also can’t buy nothing, only what is considered a crucial buy. It is a serious matter of securing our home. I cry so much and pray to GOD that there is good people in the world who can help. Thank you so much for reading this! Please donate... Even if you don't make a donation thank you for taking the time to hear my story and you can forward to some people who can help if you know them... Thank you a million times… from the bottom of my heart and soul... Every dollar counts. Thank you on behalf of myself and our family for your kindness. “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.”

Collect payments for group purchases

Fundraiser: Group Vacation to Greece
User: Katrina Miller
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Givers: 7
Amount per Person: $450.00
Funds Raised:
$3,150.00 of $4,500.00 / 70 %

Fundraiser Description: I found a house on the beach in Greece that sleeps ten people. For $450/person we can rent the house for 8 days and spend a week together in the sun, instead of shoveling snow.

Fundraiser: Whitewater Rafting Trip
User: Brody Shinsky
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Givers: 6
Amount per Person: $65.00
Funds Raised:
$390.00 of $585.00 / 67 %

Fundraiser Description: Let's finally go on the whitewater rafting trip that we have been talking about. If we book as a group the price drops to $65/person.

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